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Our Returns Policy

Goods may be returned if they arrive in damaged condition. Any goods accepted upon delivery will be deemed as to have been inspected, and thus considered as acceptable and of good quality. If an item arrives damaged, return it with our delivery drivers.

Normally, we will replace or repair any damaged goods. Please allow time for this process to take place. We may need to visit the delivery address to inspect any goods described as damaged before a return is accepted. If we find no fault in the item, we cannot accept the return. If we can find fault, and the item can be repaired on the spot, we will not accept a return and instead fix the damage.

A returned product will only be accepted with your receipt, for proof of purchase. Ideally, the item should be returned in the packaged form that it was delivered. We will not accept an item that has been tampered with.

The product will be inspected upon it’s return to check for tampering and to confirm it is complete with all of it’s parts. If you decide to return your item for any reason other than finding it to be faulty, you will be required to pay for the cost of returning the goods.

We reserve the right to not accept all returns. In the case of returning an item that isn’t faulty, you may be given store credit. Custom-made or custom-edited items cannot be returned or cancelled. It is your responsibility to ensure the item you have ordered is correct. Records will be kept of your order.

These custom items include, but are not limited to; divan sets, slide-robes and sofa ranges. For hygiene reasons, pillows, mattress, bedframes, divan bases and headboards cannot be returned. Cancellation can only be accepted when the company is in breach of contract.